Ability to create curated playlists

I was just thinking of this now and this post in no way means that it needs to happen but it would be interesting if there was a way to create curated playlists for members to look through and add to possibly. This has been done on IMDB to allow members to create lists that are more personalized than just this genre or that one, and I think it would allow members to bon together over a list of scariest games, or best fighting games, etc.

Just a thought as always. @Peter is doing a fantastic job as always and I have to say I visit this site everyday due to its usefulness in my gaming hobby.


Would that basically just be making a shelf, but one that other people could edit?

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I would suggest it is a bit different in that others can add to it if they please depending on access levels. They would be more community oriented, and I think allow for the community to come together more.