2016 Gaming Resolutions!

A new year approaches! Anyone have some gaming resolutions for next year? Like buy less (blasphemy!), play more, etc? Perhaps you resolve to play through an entire game every day for the whole year!

Personally for me, next year will be a new challenge. However, even if that does mean I’m busier, it makes me more resolved to take the time to sit down and play games. For me, playing, recording, editing, the whole nine yards makes me happy and makes me feel less stressed, which is always a good thing. So I’m definitely resolving to do more of it!

So let me hear your gaming resolutions!


Lessee… I’d like to work on my backlog a bit; that’s actually why I joined this site. I was hoping to organize games, and as I play them, mark them off the list. Given that my Steam Library is 300 Games and counting… I really need to start making a dent in it.

So… I’d like to mark off 100 of those by 2017. That’s my goal. 1 Game per 3 days… a challenge to be sure… but I’m gonna go for it.

I think my resolution is to actually play games to the end, instead of half-finishing them and moving on to the next, abandoning my save. I seem to have a habit of doing that!
I’d also like to perhaps learn Unity and try my hand at making a 3D game.
And I’ve built my “to-play-next” shelf on Grouvee to give myself some sort of pathway through the bottomless pit of games that I’ve haphazardly purchased on GOG & Steam over the years. Definitely going to try and buy less games; to be honest I think I finally own pretty much every single game I want (except for a handful of expensive new release ones like SOMA).

  1. Get a total of 350 PlayStation (combination of PS1/2/3/4/Vita) titles.
  2. Pose in a photo which has been inspired by American Beauty. (Yes, THAT one! Nude and surrounded by my games…)
  3. Put up a new shelf so all my games are in one place.
  4. Show more love to my PS Vita.
  5. Use Grouvee more often!/Make a dent in my back log!

I too have more or less the same issue. Most of the times I do drop a game simply because it stopped appealing to me in one way or another, from being too repetitive, the game mechanics seeming to plain and/or over used or a narrative so obvious you can predict it like a modern day Nostradamus. But it was more than once that it was proven to me how much I have lost from dropping a game before completing it. And so if I was to have a resolution for next year is to try my hardest to “end” any game I start even if I have to pull myself through the boring and difficult times.

Mine are pretty modest:

  • Now that I finally have all 6 mega man games for NES, I would like to give an honest attempt to beat each stage and get to Dr. Wily’s castle. I’m not even going to say complete the game because that will be tough and I have never beaten a mega man game. I do love them anyway.
  • Play less Hearthstone
  • At least try out each of the few games I have on Steam
  • Start my gaming through history project. As presented in this thread Old School Console Gaming

Hedonism at it’s finest.

It may sound fairly boring, but my primary resolution is to work through my backlog.

Some other goals:
-add all my games to grouvee (I’m new here!)
-play more intriguing Indie titles. I’ve always been hesitant, but have played some really cool ones lately, so want to pull the trigger on a few more of them.
-actually attempt to write an honest review. I never expect people to read mine, but I think I would enjoy writing one regardless.

Lastly, as simple as it seems, learn the finer points of this website. I’ve been enjoying it so far!

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My gaming resolution would be, to not buy games without spending time researching whether it’s money worth spending, and to try and not go crazy during steam sales.

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I have 3:

  • Play smaller indie games. I like my games short and entertaining, so this is an obvious one for me.
  • Avoid playing ridiculously large open-world games that will consume my life. I always end up getting distracted and abandoning them, so I should just save my money.
  • Give up more often. If I hate a game I should stop playing and just sell it. I get no sense of accomplishment from completing something I wasn’t enjoying in the first place

If you have a Tablet or compatible mobile device there are lots of fun, indie, short games available. I enjoyed these:

You may have heard of some of them. Monument Valley was really short and easy but fun and beautiful. They were all a lot of fun and pretty cheap too. Monument Valley was I believe $5.99. They’re in the $0.99-$5 ish range.


Thanks for the suggestions. I have been meaning to check out The Room for a while. Lifeline also sounds really interesting. Actually, they all sound pretty cool. Thanks.

I’ll check out some of these recommendations, too. I played The Room and I liked it.
Concerning mobile games I enjoyed Lara Croft GO a lot.

The resolutions:

  1. Play the hell out of Witcher 3.
  2. Reduce the backlog a little or at least keep the size.
  3. Resist buying a PS4.

It is foolish to resist. Give in and join us.

@8bithero great mobile games. Great games period. I have yet to play Lifeline but it is definitely on my wishlist to play soon.

Thanks! I enjoyed them a lot. Lately I’ve been gravitating towards shorter more reasonably difficult games. Mobile games are perfect for that. Lifeline was great. If you’re old like me, then you might remember Zork. Text base adventure, pretty darn fun. Lifeline is slightly like that. These were fun too:

  • Path to Luma (free game. Not on Grouvee)

@blast664 I’ve heard good things about Lara Croft GO. Room 2 was pretty good. I liked the first one better though.

Zork is one of my all-time favourite series, from the text adventures all the way to Grand Inquisitor. You just further sold me on Lifeline.

Additional mobile games you might enjoy (I may be repeating myself from another forum post so my apologies if that is the case):

All games I would consider works of art, for various reasons. They all stand out for one reason or another. Well worth investing some play time.

As well as all the great games that have already been mentioned, if you like short indie type games, particularly like old skool inspired adventures, try out the iPad version of:

It’s not new, but seems to have been overlooked. I think it’s a little quirky gem!

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Silent Age looks pretty cool. I’ll have to check that one out.

Silent Age has been on my tablet back log for awhile.
This game is really cool and super difficult. I know that goes against our discussion of easier games but I had a lot of fun drawing maps for it. When I got it the game was free. I think you might have to pay a couple bucks for it now. It was created by one renaissance type man:

@bmo Machinarium is also on my back log. The game looks awesome and has a positive reception.
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I am a big fan of Amanita Design and Machinarium is a fantastic game. It is gorgeous and challenging.